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What Does a Property Manager Do?

Property Management is a multi-faceted business that requires time, knowledge of local tenant and landlord laws, and the ability to proactively manage situations whether its dealing with an Association to get repairs done outside of your unit or whether its dealing with Tenants to repair something at the rental. It is an ever-changing industry that requires dedication and a high level of customer service to make sure the property remains in good condition. We work to provide the best customer service and value in the market. To do so, we offer a host of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Central Florida Realty Management's services have several programs designed specifically for investors looking for assistance with their real estate investments or those who are new to Landlording in Florida

Some of our value-add services include:

  • Attorney Prepared Lease, which provides the basic language required to establish a legal relationship between you and your tenant

  • AutoPay Program, which allows your tenant to sign up for rent payments automatically each month which reduces rental collection delinquencies

  • Thorough Tenant and Background Screening, which ensures that tenant is financially secure, responsible and will take care of your property

One of the reasons Professional Property Manager are in high demand is because landlords want to be sure the right tenant is in property. To do this, we offer tenant screening services and a tenant background check so you protect yourself from tenants who will not pay their rent and make sure your tenants meet all of your standards; and more!

Before hiring a property management company, we suggest you do the following:

  • Research the company to see if they have an established reputation in the community

  • Check sites like the BBB and Online Reviews. We are one of the few Property Management Company's in Orlando that are BBB accredited

  • Ask for a clear list of all fees, including leasing fees, renewal fees, etc.



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