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Don't Know Where to Start to Find the Best Long-Term Tenant for Your Rental. For Landlord's that Want to Self-Manage their Property, we Offer Leasing-Only Services to Find, Screen & Place a New Tenant in Your Vacant Rental Property

  • Provide Rental Analysis to Determine Optimal Rent

  • Take High Quailty Marketing Photos and 3D virtual walk-through renderings

  • Conduct Showings & Market Property Aggressively

  • Answer Calls of Prospective Tenants

  • Process Background Checks and Income Verification

  • Approve Tenants

  • Obtain Signatures and Execute Attorney Prepared Lease 

  • Collect Security Deposit Upfront

  • Collect 1st Month's Rent Upfront

  • Perform a Move In Walkthrough prior to Tenant Taking Possession of the Property

  • Assist Owner's With Procuring Local Vendors to Make the Unit Rent Ready

  • Option to Upgrade to Full Service Management Package at Any Time

  • Plus More!


For Landlord's That Don't Want To Deal With the Hassles of Being a Landlord And the Day-To-Day Responsibilities, We Offer Turn-Key Management so You Can Just Sit Back and Relax Knowing that Your Property is in Safe & Trusted Hands

  • Perform All Services Included in the Leasing Package 

  • Assist Tenants with Purchasing Renter's Insurance and Set Up Utilities

  • Collect Rent & Post Tenants That Are Late / Behind on Rent Payments

  • Full-Service Repairs and Maintenance. We Use our Network of Trusted Vendors that Perform Work Orders Fast and Cost 

  • Assist with Eviction (rare, but it does happen)

  • Account for All Funds and Provide End of Year Tax Report that You Can Take Directly to Your CPA

  • Move Out Inspections and Mid-Lease Inspection(s) as Many Times as the Owner Requests

  • Disbursement of Net Operating Income after Operating Expenses Have Been Paid and the Reserve Account Has Been Properly Funded

  •  Provide a 1099 Tax Statement for Year-End Tax Preparation

  • Pre-Renewal Inspections

  • Negotiating Renewal Terms on Behalf of the Landlord.

  • Lease Preparation

  • Lease Execution Coordination

  • When Necessary, File a Claim on the Tenant's Security Deposit on Behalf of the Landlord

  • Assist Landlord File Eviction with Attorney When Necessary

  • Advise Landlord Immediately of any Safety or Habitability Concerns

  • Advise Landlord Immediately of any Property Damage or Incidents that Occur on the Property That May Result In Landlord Liability Claims

  • Plus Many, Many More Items, Then we Locate a New Tenant and Start All Over!

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