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Tips for Finding a New Rental

Looking for a new rental can be a stressful task, and long-distance rental hunting in an unfamiliar city can make for an even more overwhelming experience.

With proper preparation and research, you can make your rental hunt go smoothly as you look for your new home!

Continue reading to learn our top tips on how to look for a new rental in a new city.

Research the area and neighborhoods

Once you know what city you are moving to, it’s a good idea to do research on the areas and neighborhoods of the city.

There are many resources and forums online where you can learn all you’ll need to know. Some of the main things to consider and look for are the safety and crime rate of the area, activities and schools nearby, restaurants, public transportation, and reviews and stories from residents of the area.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few neighborhoods, it will be easier to look for rentals that match your criteria.

Ask your friends, family, or employer for advice

If you have any friends or family that lives or used to live in the area you’re moving to, ask them for advice about the good and bad about the neighborhoods and city, as well as any rentals to look at.

You can also reach out to your employer for the same advice. They can tell you where to look and what areas are close and convenient commute to your workplace.

Look for virtual tours

Due to the recent pandemic and technology advancements, virtual rental tours have risen in popularity. Many potential tenants and leasing agents could not meet to see the rental, so they relied on virtual tours and showings.

These virtual features are also convenient for people who are looking to rent in a different city or state they cannot easily travel to.

Look at the rental complex or property management website to see if they have photos, videos or if they offer virtual tour options. They may offer video tours, or even a FaceTime, Zoom or Skype call with a leasing agent so they can show you the rental, go over features, application and answer any questions you may have.

Consider hiring an agent

If it’s in your budget, consider hiring a leasing agent in the area that can help you find rentals that match your budget and criteria. They also know each neighborhood well and their expertise is invaluable to help you find a good neighborhood.

Visit the area, if possible

Sometimes, visiting the city you’re moving to isn’t possible, but if you have it in your budget and you have the time, even going for a few days to tour a couple of your top rentals and explore the city would be worth it.

Review the rental qualification criteria ahead of time

In order to save you time as you look for a new home, make sure you know you credit score and monthly gross income as lot of property manager's require applicants meet a certain threshold of income and qualifications before applying for a property. Central Florida Realty Management looks at a range of factors to ensure the applicant can meet the financial obligations of their new lease. Here is the link to our Rental Criteria

Looking for a move-in ready rental property in Orlando and surroundings?

Central Florida Realty Management has a wide selection of properties available for rent in Central Florida. It’s quick and easy to apply online!



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